Nytegard’s Ultima 5 Utilities

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Produced by: Nytegard
Website: Nytegard’s Ultima 5 editor @ Nodling’s
* Editor & Conversation Decoder (1.9 KiB, 920 hits)
* Graphics Extractor (3.7 KiB, 895 hits)
* Improved Conversation Decoder (3.0 KiB, 898 hits)

Several years ago, Nytegard undertook a project to crack into the data files for Ultima 5, and proceeded to extensively reverse-engineer the game. Along the way, he built himself several tools to assist in decoding elements of the game’s data, most notably its graphics and conversation files.

Nodling Dragon made his source code available for download, and I have added this entry — with the same files — to Aiera to serve as a second mirror for Nytegard’s work. All of the above downloads are source code archives, and must be compiled with (at minimum) Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and the DirectX SDK.