Ultima 1: A Legend is Reborn/ERA

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Produced by: Peroxide
Website: Peroxide
* Tech Demo v1.0 (3.7 MiB, 193 hits)
* Tech Demo v2.0 (18.0 MiB, 217 hits)
* Tech Demo v2.5.1 (Windows) (29.3 MiB, 249 hits)
* Tech Demo v2.5.1 (Linux) (28.6 MiB, 219 hits)

This project began as an ambitious remake of Ultima 1. However, due to the fact that Peroxide couldn’t get formal permission from Electronic Arts to make an actual Ultima game (not that this should have ever been a condition that Peroxide imposed on its development), the project ceased to be a formal Ultima remake in January 2003.

However, Peroxide kept their stunning custom-made 3D engine alive a bit longer for a new, somewhat Ultima-inspired project: ERA: The Arken Throne. This was supposed to be a published game, inspired by (but not actually) Ultima 1.

Sadly, Peroxide has shut ERA down. The team’s website contained, for a time, a message that seemed to promise that they would reappear, with the ERA engine still in development and ERA under a new name. Nothing seems to have come of that over the last few years, sadly.

Fortunately, Voyager Dragon managed to grab copies of the Ultima 1 remake’s tech demos. Thanks also goes to Dino the Dark Dragon, who found a copy of the 2.0 version of the game’s tech demo.