Ultima IV Part 2: “Dude, Where’s My Avatar?”

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Produced by: Chris Hopkins
Website: Ultima IV Part 2 – an Ultima parody
* Ultima IV Part 2 (13.2 MiB, 1,017 hits)

A “continuation” to , this is Chris Hopkins’ take on an spoof. As there is some plot to the game, it proposes to answer several key questions that arose in the interim period of Britannian history between Ultima 4 and , such as why the various dungeons were sealed, why Lake Generosity dried up, how Blackthorn was able to take over, why the Shadowlords were drawn to , and exactly how the was raised out of the .

Along the way, it pokes fun at a number of Ultima conventions and bits of Ultima history, such as the true fates of Mondain, Minax, and Exodus, the sudden cessation of space travel, the origin of the Guardian, the connection between ’s Castle and , and a bunch of other stuff.

Be thou forewarned: to play this game requires version 3.2 of Hopkins’ Adventure Creation Kit. DOSBox may also be of use.