Ultima Online: Original Screenshots

Courtesy of Joe Garrity of the Origin Museum, and thanks to the hard work of both him and the team at the Wing Commander CIC, Ultima Aiera is pleased to present six screenshots from an early version of Ultima Online. These were probably taken by Origin staff proper, and were used in various promotional materials for the game back when it first came out. They feature such places as Teratha, Macincia, and Serpent’s Hold.

There’s not much else one can say about these images, except to remark that UO fans might find it interesting to marvel at just how much the game has changed (and how much it has stayed the same) since its inception.

Download the original images:
* Ultima Online Original Screenshots (2.4 MiB, 390 hits)

Now, a few disclaimers.

These images are JPEG copies of the originals; the originals, available for download below the gallery, are in the TIFF format.

Also, the images are quite small as resolution goes, and thus not overly large in terms of file size. (The largest measures 641×481 pixels.) Once you click on them, they will appear in a lightbox formatted to fit your monitor resolution; right-clicking on the lightbox and selecting “View Image” (a feature not available in all browsers) will take you to the full-resolution image.

Finally, enjoy. Pull up the images. Pore over them. Comment on them, if you feel so inspired. This is Ultima history at its finest, and Aiera is indebted to Joe Garrity, Electronic Arts, Mythic Entertainment/BioWare Mythic, BanditLOAF and the team at the Wing Commander CIC, and everyone who worked at Origin for it.

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