Ultima IX: Salvation

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Produced by: Opera Dragon
* Backstory Relational Flowchart (DOC) (40.0 KiB, 764 hits)
* Saying Goodbye (DOC) (78.0 KiB, 724 hits)
* UIX Salvation Intro Sequence (42.5 KiB, 744 hits)

Ultima IX: Salvation was an alternative version of Ultima 9 that Opera Dragon began to sketch out some years ago. It never got beyond the early planning phase, but Opera Dragon was kind enough to release what few details about his idea that he had on hand…for posterity.

The three documents available above are, in order:

  1. an organizational chart of the backstory shorts that he wrote for the plot
  2. one of the aforementioned shorts, about the Xenkan Monks soon after the events of Serpent Isle
  3. a narration of the opening cinematic of the game that the plot would have led to.

Adds Opera Dragon:

I called my non-existent game, Ultima IX: Salvation. I thought it was a perfect double entendre for the Avatar’s personal salvation and that of Britannia.

There’s precious little here, but what is contained in these documents is really quite interesting, and probably would have made for a very engaging game. Opera Dragon’s knowledge of Ultima lore is very extensive, and his skill as a writer is high; Salvation would likely have told an exciting tale had it progressed further.