Akalabeth Remakes – Original, 2K1 & Dungeon

Akalabeth 2K1

Produced by: MinerJr
* Akalabeth - Original (49.2 KiB, 957 hits)
* Akalabeth - Remake (664.2 KiB, 966 hits)
* Akalabeth - 2001 (4.0 MiB, 1,078 hits)
* Akalabeth - Dungeon Alpha (175.4 KiB, 832 hits)

MinerJr has made a series of remakes of Richard Garriot’s classic original game, with upgraded graphics and compatibility with modern operating systems. His first remake has been released in its final form, as has a beta version of his remake, which features more updates to graphics. Also released is the alpha version of his .