Ultima Aiera wouldn’t have been possible without a lot of help from some very determined fans of the Ultima series of games. I’m sure that this list is incomplete, and if you happen to know that you, O Reader, have contributed to Aiera and not been listed here, please contact me and remind him what your contribution was. I’ll be only too glad to list you here.

And so, thanks go out to:

Dino the Dark Dragon

Ultima: The Reconstruction - Voyager Dragon

Blackshadow Dragon | Warwon Dragon | Gradilla Dragon | Feeding Dragon | Tim Carlsen | Christopher Kugler | Petrell | Sslaxx | Ole Petter Ingebrigsen | Paulon Dragon | Sergorn Dragon
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Aiera is a service that I run entirely because of — and out of — my own love for the Ultima series, and my respect for those who have invested so much of their lives in developing the games, patching and updating the games, and (yes) remaking the games. This site is for the developers and the fans alike, and I am in awe of you all.

At the same time, the site does not run for free; there are costs associated with maintaining a domain and a hosting account. These are within my means to afford, generally speaking, but I do accept (and occasionally encourage) monetary donations to support the maintenance and upkeep of the site and its hosting. What follows is a list of folks who have contributed to Aiera in this way:

Johnny Wood

Toltec Dragon

Aletys | Park Soon Keun | Fenyx4
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And because this is the nicer side of the Internet, and because it’s an entirely proper thing to do to link back to those who link to you, let me also give a shout out to:

-STR/+CHA - Swedish girl retro gamers. Enough said.

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